Stamped Concrete Walkways

Stamped concrete walkways are available in the traditional gray color of concrete or in custom-dyed or hand-painted color schemes. concrete contractors can use four methods to add color when constructing a stamped concrete walkway. The first is integral color, which is added when the concrete is mixed.Concrete is a strong and durable material that has a number of uses around the house. Homeowners can use concrete as a patio material, a driveway, a sidewalk or pathway.Those who dislike the bland or boring look of traditional concrete may appreciate the look of stamped concrete.Beautiful outdoor rooms can be created with walkways to link your new living spaces. flagstone complements a variety of home styles and is great for walkways and patios. Flagstone is one of the nicest looks you can create for a patio! Concrete patios and driveways are a nice addition to any home.Properly cured concrete is hard, durable and water resistant. Using 2-by-4-inch boards as forms and leaving a 1/2-inch clearance under the boards produces a 4-inch thick walkway slab. At this thickness, 1 cubic yard of concrete covers about 80 square feet of walkway.Allan Dugas of D’s Decorative Concrete Ltd. working on Tuesday. as Jennifer said, it’ll have walkways, concrete walkways, leading up to and around it, so it’ll be quite attractive.” The society.The work, which will include a new crosswalk of stamped concrete that resembles red brick pavers. The area is a major gateway to the beach and walkway for pedestrians, he said. Rossi said she is.stamped concrete stamped concrete driveway crack after.for the backyard patio/walkways Stamped Concrete Stamp or stencil your concrete driveway and footpaths. stamped concrete to add a decorative touch to the end of the driveway What a way to save money & time. Awesome solution over blacktop Stamped Concrete for driveway and walkway! See moreStamped Concrete Walkways, Driveways, Patios, etc.. for Pleasanton, Livermore, Dublin, San Ramon & Tri-Valley Areas. BCP Concrete has an expert design and installation team who will provide you with custom color and stamped designs, all while using contractor-grade materials, and years of.