stamped concrete patio

Stamped concrete is really a budget-friendly technique to add a decorative touch to a landscape. Other patio and walkway surface possibilities, such as interlocking pavers, are much more pricey than.Decorative concrete is the newest trend for exterior designers. paint and acid etching turn a dull background into a coat of many colors that brings life to your patio or porch. Many can be used.FRISCO, TX: $475,000 will get you four bedrooms in a 4,235-square-foot house with a split three-car garage, custom painted cabinets, and an oversized stamped concrete patio. It indicates an expandable.What if I told you that you could make your new porch just about any color you want? Have you seen the gorgeous stamped concrete drives, walkways and patios? They come in all sorts of earthy colors.We have a backyard for the first time, and I want to furnish the patio with style. What do you recommend that. Outdoor curtains are another decorative opportunity. Draped behind seating or as a.The fully equipped kitchen means the units are self-contained, giving guests more flexibility. Outside, the patio is stamped.Wood dividers in a concrete sidewalk, driveway or patio aren’t just decorative; they serve an important function. The dividers are put in place when the concrete is wet. Once the material is dry, the.As a reliable, practical, and economical paving for patios and walkways, concrete performs admirably on its own. But it can gain dramatically in its overall appeal when given a decorative finish that.Soften the space by covering the concrete with wood flooring. String lights illuminate the patio in the evening. and 20-inch square indoor/outdoor decorative throw pillows in aloe green tropical.This place is known mostly by word of mouth. If you are set in stone about using decorative pre-cast concrete statuary in a patio space, Silvestri, a five-generation family business, just may be the.Decorative concrete is an attractive and economical alternative to natural paving materials or plain poured concrete. You can achieve many different looks, and with advance planning, will be able to get just the right look for the project.