flood damage

Floods can also occur in rivers when the flow rate exceeds the capacity of the river channel, particularly at bends or meanders in the waterway. Floods often cause damage to homes and businesses if they are in the natural flood plains of rivers.East Baton Rouge Parish officials asked residents Friday to help them document damage from flash flooding and tornadoes, saying that while they have a general idea about hard-hit areas, they’d like to.Flood-damaged cars can also cost more than money: These automobiles can be dangerous to drive, and the results may even be fatal. Unfortunately, flood-damaged vehicles can be hard to spot, but knowing the signs can help. Here are 10 ways to determine if a used car is a clean machine or a juicy lemon.Many factors play a role in flood risk and damage protection and can reduce the cost of your policy. How to file a claim. Understand the claims process and the steps to follow as you work with your adjuster and agent to file a claim. The more you know, the smoother the process will go.Even if your policy does not cover flood damage per se, it may cover other damage sustained by your home during a flood, including theft of personal items and damage caused by electrical fires. Once again, only flood insurance will cover damage caused by a flood. More: Flood Damage versus Water Damage: The insurance company perspectivein all, the raging waters caused $750 million in flood damage, with $36 million in equipment lost in one building alone. Twenty-two major buildings were damaged, some of them irreparably; a quarter of.find flood damage trucks and place offers on unlimited auctions today without a dealer’s license.Cars that have undergone damage from a flood are frequently considered a total loss and, if refurbished, will carry with them a salvage title. A salvage title is an important indicator of a car that has had serious damage.Carfax offers a free flood damage check in addition to the vehicle history reports it sells. These checks show the "possibility of flood damage" based on area history and registered address for.